Darin Beaudreau

About Me

My name is Darin Beaudreau, and I graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Lowell in 2017 with a BS in Computer Science.

I have a strong interest in algorithms and data structures, and hope to someday get involved with research and/or development of artificial intelligence or robotics.

My Skills

Here, I will list my skills, including programming languages I know, as well as any other technologies I am familiar with that supplement them.

Programming Languages: Java, C/C++, Python, Assembly, Racket
Web Development Languages:X/HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL
Operating Systems: Windows (All Versions), Linux
Development Tools: Vim, GCC, Git, Eclipse, Android Studio

For more information, check out my LinkedIn.

Samples of my work can be found on the My Work page, as well as on my Github page. I will be constantly updating it with more projects as I finish them. The work I post there are just assorted projects I have been working on, or my solutions to Project Euler problems.